Holidays for the nuclear sector – a commentory on the federal court’s decision

It gives me somewhat the creeps that the nuclear sector, on Nikolaus-Day 2016, managed to secure more funds for its dangerous technology. This segment has afterall taken the entire country hostage with its risks, waste disposal issues and decommissioning.

A part of the truth is that the companies, which are to be compensated for the exit of the exits, were once state-owned and the chosen German authorities had, with overwhelming majorities, brought them about. The statement, “Parents are liable for their children” applies and in the end this means: we shall all pay for it. The other portion of the truth is that the profits are placed elsewhere.

Alright – my stance on nuclear power has not wavered in the last 25 years in the energy sector and I would definitely throw more than just a small party when the last of its kind closes its doors in Germany. We shall wait and see if this happens by 2022.

Today, however, the federal court made the right decision – no business owner, and no operator of renewable energies either, can be closed down overnight and sans compensation. Especially so when he has been driven into operations by the state or from the crassly bad energy politics driven by the black-yellow government even just a few months before the end of extensions for plants – linked to the requests for longer continued operations – that was applied till 2036.

The yellow-blacks were thankfully too dense to shoot down solar energy immediately in 2009. Hence the affordable solar energy train raced through the black-yellow power phase. That has to be bitter for the folks currently in power and completely unqualified for answering questions pertaining to the economy. A victorious train, in spite of all obstacles set forth by the arrogant and incompetent Ministers Röttgen and Rösler – who both spoke of the golden age of nuclear power and in the same breathe took apart the painstakingly built nuclear-exit program without taking into account the gravity of the consequences. “Lock them up” – this would be the slogan Donald Trump and the AFD would scream. Who pays for such decisions? We of course.

Even Angela Merkel played a rather bizarre role at the point of time. She encouraged the exit and set the ball rolling for the decades long conflict on the theme. Don’t mind me. The EEG Novelle 2011 would have been slaughtered if it had not been for Fukushima which changed the course of things and stopped the incompetent politicians from the black-yellow government in their tracks.

The FDP has still not understood the situation. Three years after their exit from the federal politics has not been enough. At least in the CDU/CSU the atom foxes are now going into pension in 2017 but the Energiewende enemies Bareis and Pfeifer remain and continue to act in a manner as if they truly understand energy politics and the economy.
The decision made on Nikolaus Day shows once more how much competence the CDU/CSU has when it comes to economics.
They have not even understood the principle of legal certainty and investment protection.
And for that, I thank you Karlsruhe.

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